TRIMM is the Swiss Army Knife for highly effective code generation from UML Diagrams.

TRIMM allows you to practice Model Driven Development (MDD) from models of a higher abstraction level described using UML Class models.
You model in your UML tool of choice and let TRIMM handle the model transformation to exactly the artifacts you want, such as Java Code, WSDL, XML and Documentation.

TRIMM Introduction…
TRIMM and all modules are OpenSource and released under Apache 2.0 license




Get acquainted with the foundation and inner workings of TRIMM and how to read UML class models.

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TRIMM Javabeans

Stop Writing your Java code by hand. Generate your Java code from UML Class diagrams and Supercharge your development cycle. Learn why our Extension Model is superior to textual templates.

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TRIMM Java Persistence 2.x

Can I generate JPA 2.x? Of course you can. You can even generate Hibernate incl. Envers, EclipseLink and OpenJPA.

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TRIMM Groovy/Grails

Want to get Groovy with TRIMM? No Problem. We even support Grails GORM including GEnvers.

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TRIMM WebService

Using TRIMM you can generate WSDL documents and XML Schema‘s according to your Service contract principles.

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Thomas Stober, IT Architect, Atos AG
We have investigated a lot of tools to generate JPA entities from our quite complex Enterprise Architect model. In the end TRIMM JPA was the run-away winner because of all the features it provides out-of-the-box and especially its awesome options for customization!