Is TRIMM OpenSource?

Yes, TRIMM is OpenSource and uses the Apache 2 license

Where can I find the TRIMM OpenSource?

Currently it’s in a private Git repository, but with in the coming month we will release it into the open. Until then, you can download binaries, source-code and Javadoc from our Maven Repository

What programming language is TRIMM written in?

TRIMM is written in Java and requires that you have Java 6 or later installed to use it. TRIMM also support Groovy natively, so all extensions and for our TRIMM Java and TRIMM Jpa package you can extend and customize all parts of the code generation using Groovy scripts

What build systems does TRIMM support?

Out of the box we support Standalone, Ant and Maven for TRIMM Java, TRIMM Jpa and TRIMM Groovy/Grails.
For TRIMM WebService we currently support Maven only. If you don’t mind to write the small amount of integration glue code yourself, then TRIMM can work with any build system (it’s basically just a Jar file with well documented interfaces)

Can I get professional support?

Yes, please see our Support page