Slides for the Don’t write the code talk are up

Slides for the Don’t write the code talk are up

The slides from the GeekNight talk last night at ITU are up on slideshare.

Are you also drowning in the complex and unwieldy code. Can’t you see the shoe for bare toes? 74% of all businesses are struggling with high IT budgets and low growth. So what is the solution to get out of trouble? The reasons for the poor code are many. Sometimes it is due to circumstances beyond our direct control, such as unrealistic deadlines, poor requirements or political struggles.

In this lecture we will look at the part we have influence on namely the code we write and not least the code we DO NOT write. We will look at why many projects fail from day one, due bad decisions made ​​on an uninformed basis, or based on stereotypical solutions. It is not enough to point the finger of the problems. We will also look at what we can do about it, in the form of concrete examples from the real world.


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