Trimm Groovy Extensions

NOTE: All Groovy listeners/extensions are placed in package dk.tigerteam.trimm.mdsd.groovy.generator.extensions unless otherwise noted. The Gorm/Grails (ORM) extensions are located in the dk.tigerteam.trimm.mdsd.groovy.generator.gorm package.

EventListener Class Name (FQCN)DescriptionExample
GroovyMixinEventListenerCreates a companion Mixin class for each Clazz in the model. The original Clazz is marked with the Mixin annotation which points to the created Mixin clazz.

The Mixin class is marked as Extension clazz so it will be generated to the extension source folder (so we don’t overwriter it)

abstract class Person

class PersonMixin {


GormGeneratorEventListenerGorm specialized GeneratorEventListener class, works as Jpa specialized listerner using the Gorm rules descriped by following the link.

Note does not currently support Embeddable classes.
EnversEventListenerWorks the same way as the Jpa extension HibernateEnversListener.

Note this is still in a experimentational state.