Trimm-JavaBeans The TRIMM Java module features a very versatile and easy to use Java Codegenerator, which can transform an imported UML 2.x Class model to high quality Java code.

The main differentiator between the TRIMM Java code generator and other (typically template based) Java code generators is the ease of use and the high extensibility, which allows you to create reusable Code generator plugins that you can use on other projects.
TRIMM Java already comes with a long list of existing reusable extensions.

TRIMM Java supports the Generator Gap Pattern (also known as Extension Classes or 3 level inheritance) for generating solid code while still allowing developers to write custom code that isn’t overwritten by the code generator.

The Trimm Groovy/Grails and Trimm JPA modules both depend on Trimm Java.

Getting started

Using TRIMMJava standalone

See this tutorial

Using TRIMMJava from Maven

See this tutorial

Extensions and configuration

Trimm Java extensions
Writing your own TRIMM Java, TRIMM JPA or TRIMM Groovy/Grails generator extension
TRIMM Java YAML configuration reference
TRIMM Java supported UML Stereotypes and Tagged Values
Generator Gap pattern / Extension Classes / 3 level inheritance