Trimm-JPA The TRIMM Jpa module, that is an extension of the TRIMM Java module, allows you to generate Java domain models that uses the Java Persistence API (JPA) to persist your applications data into a relational database.

TRIMM Jpa supports standard JPA version 2.x as well as several vendor specific features.
Currently list of supported vendors are:

Among the more advanced features supported by TRIMM Jpa is Bi-temporal Data models (active history) using Hibernates Envers. See the list of TRIMM JPA extensions.

Note: TRIMM Jpa (as well as TRIMM Java) supports the Generator Gap Pattern for generating solid code while still allowing developers to write custom code that isn’t overwritten by the code generator.

Getting started

Using TRIMM JPA from Maven

See this get started tutorial

Configuration and extensions

TRIMM JPA Extensions
Writing your own TRIMM Java, TRIMM JPA or TRIMM Groovy/Grails generator extension
Trimm Jpa YAML configuration reference
TRIMM JPA supported UML Stereotypes and Tagged Values